Smiling Sky Farm Pasture of Milkweed

Project Type: Habitat/Garden

at Farm/Ranch

Location: Lawton, OK

I will make one!

Project Size: XX-Large (5,000 sq ft or more)

About this Monarch Project:

We manage our farm which grows tons of native milkweed & wildflowers in our 34 acres of mixed grass prairie pasture to time our hay harvests not cutting too early or too late to make sure the milkweed becomes available at the correct times of year, especially in the mid to late summer so there is a good amount for the returning trip. Never, ever spray anything ever at our farm. Also concentrate on wildflowers & our 3 rescue pot belly pigs maintain an acre of wildflowers which they root & cultivate every year resulting in an amazing area of wildflowers which are always heavily visited by monarchs especially in the fall. I would so love to share photos of their work & our farm.

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