About Okies for Monarchs

Okies for Monarchs is an initiative of the Oklahoma Monarch & Pollinator Collaborative, a statewide group of 40+ organizations and citizens working together to ensure thriving Monarch migrations for generations to come.


Our Approach

Our Mission

To educate, engage, and support Oklahomans in the protection and enhancement of suitable habitat and nectar sources for monarchs and pollinators throughout Oklahoma.

Our Vision

Oklahomans working together to ensure our landscapes and gardens support thriving Monarch migrations for generations to come.

Our Goal

Collaboratively develop and implement a Statewide Monarch Conservation Plan.

Our Story

Meet the Dedicated Team

The Oklahoma Monarch & Pollinator Collaborative (OMPC) was formed by attendees of the Oklahoma Monarch Summit in November 2016.

About the Statewide Monarch Conservation Plan

Via the OMPC Statewide Monarch Conservation Plan, we aim to engage a multitude of Oklahomans and encourage action on various land types in the following ways:


  • Maintain and increase diverse nectar plants and milkweed on state and federal conservation lands through management and restoration.
  • Engage 25+ municipalities to: identify existing habitat and high priority geographic areas for enhancement and restoration; identify and address policy and cultural barriers; adopt Mayor’s Monarch Pledge.

Businesses & Non-Profits

  • Encourage businesses & non-profits to take a pledge, build a garden, register their garden and/or other monarch initiatives.

Education & Youth Groups

  • Encourage schools and youth groups to participate in pollinator initiatives by establishing school habitats and incorporating monarch curriculum into the classroom.

Agriculture & Rangeland

  • Engage farmers, ranchers, and other ag specialists in cropland and rangeland working groups to identify agricultural land types most compatible with monarch conservation.
  • Develop best management toolkits and offer training to interested ag/ranch land managers.


  • Encourage residents to take a pledge, build a garden, register their garden, and visit public gardens and monarch-inspired projects.
  • Work with landowners and utility managers to establish monarch-friendly right-of-way land management practices.

Indian Nations

  • Partner with native tribes to increase milkweed habitat on the over one million trust and restricted acres of tribal lands in Oklahoma.

To support action across different land types and with various audiences, the plan also includes supporting goals focused on seed production, research, communications and partnerships. Example goals include:

Seed and Plant Production

  • Create lists of the plant species needed in each region of the state and distribute to audiences.
  • Disseminate plant lists to native seed/plant producers with request to increase locally-sourced milkweed and nectar plant seed production.


  • Maintain and update the research needs list in the OMPC Statewide Plan.
  • Engage local researchers and national research efforts to ensure the OMPC benefits from and contributes to best available science.

Communications and Outreach

  • Develop web site to support the plan goals: include online pledge, action toolkits, calendar, map, registration forms, and social media outreach.
  • Identify core target audiences and develop messaging for each.


  • Maintain and build list of implementation partners for the plan.
  • Host annual summit to bring partners together to celebrate successes & plan actions upcoming year.

Take Flight With Us!

Okies for Monarchs is a public education campaign and is part of the outreach strategy for our Statewide Monarch Conservation Plan. We are calling on all Okies to help plant the path for pollinators in Oklahoma!