Small Space and Pocket Gardens

Sat, May 6, 2023
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

In this class, participants will learn about using even the smallest of
spaces to bring about freshness into our lives. As prices soar, offsetting the
budget even a little, can make a difference.

Instructor: Connie Pattillo is a third generation landscaper who turned permaculturist Connie sees a need to fill spaces with medical, edible, and useful biodiversity over the perceived norm.

Pollinator seedlings will also be available for sale.

Classes: $10 per adult or $15 per pair. Or volunteer on a Saturday morning, and get in free!

You can sign up to be a CommonWealth patron at the level of $10 and up and receive discounted Garden School admission. Learn more here:

Commonwealth Urban Farms
1016 NW 32nd
Oklahoma City, OK