Backyard Conservation

Sat, May 27, 2023
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Whether it’s a 2-acre property, 20 feet of fence line, or a 10-gallon pot on an apartment balcony, these are the front lines of species conservation and can be their most important spaces. Oklahoma is an environmental wonderland, yet our wildlife is struggling to hold on to the world we’ve created. Our role in the environment now is more important than ever, and our location means that we are primed to set the tone for ensuring our most foundational species have a space.

Learn why we should be serious about conservation, how we are in the perfect situation to change things and examples of how to be the conservationist and champions these species need.

Classes: $10 per adult or $15 per pair. Or volunteer on a Saturday morning, and get in free!

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Instructor: Sean Washington is an ecologist and science communicator in Oklahoma City, teaching the public about the importance of the natural world. He studied wildlife biology at Colorado State University and returned to OKC to work at the Oklahoma City Zoo, and with OKC Parks to increase public education about natural resources. Sean is an avid birder and wildlife photographer.

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