AZA SAFE Monarch: Engagement and Conservation in Zoo and Aquariums

Tue, November 19, 2024
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Monarch Conservation Webinar Series

Stay connected with the latest monarch conservation topics by attending Monarch Joint Venture’s free monthly webinars. This series is a unique opportunity to hear from experts across various interdisciplinary fields related to monarchs, other pollinators, their habitats, and the threats and pressures that make conservation urgent. Bring your questions and get ready to discover how you can get involved to protect monarchs.

All webinars are one hour long and occur at 1:00 PM Central Time

AZA SAFE Monarch: Engagement and Conservation in Zoo and Aquariums presented by Travis Kurtz, Lauren Barczak, and Jen Klotz

    • I’m Holding out for a (habitat) Hero presented by Travis Kurtz, John Ball Zoo: This presentation will talk about using native plant giveaways as a replicable model for augmenting urban pollinator habitat, and as a gateway to engaging our local communities in pollinator conservation.
    • Small but Mighty: Creating Change for Monarchs in Small Zoos and Aquariums presented by Lauren Barczak and Jen Klotz, Brandywine Zoo: Even the smallest institutions can inspire monumental conservation action for monarchs through community engagement! This presentation will discuss models for events and programs that institutions of any size can utilize, highlighting the Brandywine Zoo’s successful Mighty Monarch Day event, participation in Symbolic Migration, citizen science efforts, and more!



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