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100 Schools Project: I have created this pollinator garden at our Elementary School in Davis, OK as a project for our school library. Students will learn the types of pollinators, habitats which attract and protect our pollinators and the multiple benefits of pollinators in nature. While some plants were purchased already established, students have helped plant seeds into the garden which will continue to complement and help our garden to flourish. This garden will be used hand in hand with both nonfiction and fiction books in our school library.

Special Care/OKC Zoo grant Monarch Habit

This garden is approximately 28*42 . We are planting seeds and flowers including several milkweed plants for Monarchs. The goal is to provide a habitat for Monarchs and to introduce the monarch and it’s life cycle to the children and to encourage them to be good stewards of the species. The garden was started in August of 2022 with a grant from the OKC Zoo with a goal of a self seeding garden within 3 years.


Our class hatched a Monarch Butterfly in early Fall. It was such an amazing experience for us all. This experiment launched a big interest in Monarchs and learning as much as we could about them. We heard of this project and all agreed that we’d like to make our two flower beds Monach habitats. We had already been maintaining the flower beds, and couldn’t have been more excited for this opportunity!

Friend School Kindergarten Garden

Mrs Howard and Ms Bonnie are the kindergarten teachers at Friend. I (a parent of one of the students and also a contractor) signed us up to construct a monarch garden right outside the classroom door. Today we finished Construction, all of the students were able to participate by scooping dirt into the bed and then spreading the seeds for planting. We had perfect weather and we all thoroughly enjoyed the project. Mrs Howard is using the project as an opportunity to teach the children about butterflies (and monarchs specifically.) We all had a blast!

WildCare Oklahoma Pollinator Garden

WildCare is Oklahoma’s oldest and largest wildlife rehabilitation center taking in over 7,000 animals each year. We welcome hundreds of visitors each year as they drop of wild animals in need of help and our entry garden has been created as a pollinator and wildlife garden to demonstrate the importance and beauty of creating and maintaining wildlife habitat in home, business, and school landscapes.

Mark Twainers for Monarchs!

At Mark Twain Elementary, we have 2 raised beds each measuring 5’x10′ ft. amounting to 100 sq ft. total. We have 40 plants (milkweed, Echinacea, verbena, salvia, native grasses, etc.) purchased from Prairie Winds Nursery and Sanctuary Gardens and Wellness. The zoo provided a grant for initial materials. The garden is easily viewed from both the street and playground.

Pollinator Habitat – Murray County

We have created to small pollinator gardens. The first was planted in the fall of 2019 and the most recent in February 2021. The newest habit was planted in our flower bed right in front of the office. We plan to add a rain barrel and different varieties of milk weed.