Wildflowers for Monarchs

Pollinator seed mixes have been available in the past, but this mix tagged with the Okies for Monarchs label and called “Wildflowers for Monarchs” from Johnston Seed Company of Enid includes three regional options designed for eastern, central and western Oklahoma.

“What’s new with the Okies/inspired mix is the regionalized focus,” said Sarah McLaughlin, native and conservation sales representative at Johnston.

“While there is overlap of native flower types from region to region, the new mixes will offer a slightly higher success rate of seeds because each will favor annuals more prone to reseed and perennials better suited to each region,” she said.

The mix contains a variety of wildflowers for nectar sources, plus a variety of milkweeds. The mixes are about 75% perennials and 25% annuals, she said. The seeds come in 1-ounce packets, 1-pound bags or larger bags by request, she said.

Order Your Seeds!

You can get these custom seed mixes by ordering online or by contacting:

Sarah McLaughlin at Johnston Seed Company

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