Helping the Monarch Butterfly on Oklahoma’s Rangelands


Authored By the Working Lands Work Group of the Oklahoma Monarch and Pollinator Collaborative

This document provides recommended Best Management Practices (BMPs) for monarch habitat on Oklahoma rangelands. These BMPs were created primarily by combining the most pertinent elements of the following three documents:

  1. OK NRCS Biology Technical Note OK-36 Planning, Restoring and Establishing Monarch Habitat (December 2016),
  2. Draft Grassland Best Management Practices for the Monarch Butterfly (Kansas), by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program in Kansas (2014), and
  3. Best Management Practices: Monarch Habitat (Grazing), by Missourians for Monarchs
  4. Article titled “Rangeland Management for Pollinators” by Scott Black, Mace Vaughn and Matthew Shepherd in 2011 issue of Rangelands Volume 33, Issue 3, pp 9-13.

The authors of this document recognize that all methods discussed below are optional and their application may vary dependant upon the size of the property.

Best Management Practices for the Monarch Butterfly in Oklahoma's Rangelands

Ranchers Helping Monarchs