100 Schools for Pollinators Challenge

Students at Mark Twain Elementary in OKC after planting their pollinator garden.
Students at Mark Twain Elementary in OKC after planting their pollinator garden.

Be one of 100 schools to receive a free wildflower garden packet from Okies for Monarchs! Deadline to apply is Oct. 1.

Okies for Monarchs is challenging Oklahoma public schools and other public youth activity centers to make some space for monarchs! We are looking for 100 public youth entities that want to join our efforts to collectively plant 25,000 square feet of pollinator habitat.

The first 100 schools to complete the application process by October 1, 2021 will receive by mail, a free seed packet with 250 square feet worth of Okies for Monarchs Wildflower Seed Mix, specially curated by Johnston Seed Company, as well as tips for successful planting, pollinator educational resources, and a Monarch Habitat sign*.

Photo by Sheena Johnson

Now more than ever, bringing nature into our lives and the classroom is as important for us as it is for the wildlife we aim to support. Okies for Monarchs works in partnership with communities to expand the amount of pollinator habitat throughout our great state. Did you know that Oklahoma is centrally located in the path of the monarch migration that extends between Mexico and Canada? Each spring and fall, multiple generations of monarchs follow this time-honored path, stopping along the way for nourishment and for egg-laying. While nectar bearing flowers are generally a slightly easier target, monarchs must have milkweed to raise their young.

Multiple factors are involved with the decline of this crucial food source, including increased use of herbicides, rapidly shifting weather norms due to climate change and the loss of wild spaces. While many of these factors are out of our hands, one solution is right under our feet! Create more habitat that provides food and shelter for pollinators.

Get your school to participate in this rewarding and free challenge! When children begin to make connections between the timing of the migration and the progress of the milkweed in this mix, they begin to see bigger relationships happening between plants and wildlife and how one part of nature is communicating with another. This is a powerful realization that will undoubtably make them better stewards of the environment as they mature. There are also many curriculum opportunities through the seasons in a pollinator garden, particular involving science, math, and art.

Is your school ready to help plant the path for pollinators? Submit your application here.

Does your school already have a pollinator garden? Register it at okiesformonarchs.org and contact us to get a free Monarch Habitat sign.

Show Your Commitment

Want to help plant the path for monarchs in our great state? Take the pledge and join Okies around the state in enhancing and increasing monarch habitat. Every action adds up to making a big difference.

How to Build a Garden

Ready to get your hands dirty? Check out our handy tips on how to build a garden. No effort is too small. Our fluttering friends will appreciate every ounce of food and shelter you provide them.

Oklahoma Schools Taking Action!

Check out what the gardens these students have already created at their schools.

Mark Twainers for Monarchs

At Mark Twain Elementary in OKC, we have 2 raised beds each measuring 5'x10' ft. amounting to 100 sq ft. total. We have 40 plants (milkweed, Echinacea, verbena, salvia, native grasses, etc.) purchased from Prairie Winds Nursery and Sanctuary Gardens and Wellness. The OKC Zoo provided a grant for initial materials. The garden is easily viewed from both the street and playground.

John Marshall H.S. Butterfly Garden

Students, staff and community partners built a beautiful butterfly-shaped garden at John Marshall High School as a landing station and habitat for the Monarch butterfly.

RCDS Roots & Shoots Hwy 75

Wildflower/pollinator plot along Hwy 75 just north of 61st St. exit in Tulsa. Initially planted 1 acre plot in 2006 in cooperation with Oklahoma Native Plant Society Color Oklahoma grant. We have expanded the site to nearly 1.75 acres since that time.

DD Kirkland/Cox Monarch Waystation

Cox is sponsoring a Monarch Waystation for DD Kirkland Elementary school. We have identified a space in the school that we can improve for multiple reasons; to create a habitat for butterflies, to beautify the school, and to provide an outdoor class room where kids can learn hands on about science. We teamed up with the school on the design and the children helped us plant the garden.