Waller Wildlife Garden & Happy Place

Project Type: Habitat/Garden

at Residential

Location: Tulsa, OK

Project Size: Small (less than 200 sq ft)

About this Monarch Project:

In spring of this year my hubby and I moved into a new (old) craftsman bungalow in midtown Tulsa, OK that had zero pollinator plants. Since moving day, we have added two water features, 20 planted containers, 5 hummingbird feeders, added fence and shade/shelter, and planted dozens upon dozens of native perennials for nectar sources, including more than 20 milkweed plants of at least 3 varieties. We made sure to do most of our buying from local mom-n-pop plant stores as well as at local festivals. I will also apply for NWF habitate and Monarch Waystation…but that has not happened yet. (You can count on me to do that next month (so count me in your numbers is you wish.)

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