Project Type: Habitat/Garden

at Residential

Location: Jenks, OK

Project Size: Small (less than 200 sq ft)

About this Monarch Project:

Raised-bed garden, soil is amended-sandy, approximately 70 square feet. Bed is made of stone with sitting ledge which provides sunning for monarchs. A tall wall acts as wind break. Garden is irrigated via a drip-line system with timer, allowing native plants slow watering as established (no wet-roots). Plants include perennials, Asclepius Tuberosa (native milkweed), Coreopsis (tickseeds), Bee Balm, Autumn Sage, Buddleia (butterfly bush), and Hollyhock. Included are, water station (mud container), small feeder, habitat-house (albeit prob just end up being pretty yard-art). As garden matures, more plants will be added if/as needed.

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