Roadside wildflowers in Oklahoma provide critical food and shelter for declining pollinator populations.

Have you seen how amazing the Oklahoma roadways are this spring?!

We want to feature some of those beautiful roadsides with all Oklahomans by way of a fun photo contest! Send us pictures from the roadways, byways, highway medians, and country roads that you are spotting this summer. (And hey, be safe out there…don’t pull over someplace silly and endanger yourself or others!)

We will recognize the top photos with an Okies for Monarchs humble prize and share many of the wonderful wildflower images on our Facebook page, website and in our newsletter.

Participating is easy. Simply take an original digital photo and then upload it below and complete the form.

Please NOTE: By participating, you are giving us PERMISSION to reuse your image in Okies for Monarchs promotional materials to encourage the seeding, planting and fostering of our wonderful wild Oklahoma roadsides.

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Roadside Wildflowers
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