Supporting the Migrations of Monarchs through Oklahoma

Sat, February 17, 2018
10:30 am - 12:00 pm

This will be a fun and educational free session. If you want to attract (more) butterflies to your yard and/or get more involved with monarchs, don’t miss this event!

Sandra Schwinn presenting. Ms Schwinn is a retired teacher with a M. Ed. and native Oklahoman. She has raised Monarchs for more than 35 years, eventually bringing the caterpillars into her classroom and even documenting the lifecycles of 30+ species of butterflies and moths.

Ms Schwinn speaks to local groups and students about creating butterfly habitat, monarch waystations, etc. She has assisted in creating local waystations at schools, residences, & non-profits. She also continues to participate in various NABA Butterfly counts in OK, is a member of the OK Native Plant Society & Tulsa Audubon Society.

She has 2 Facebook groups: OK Friends of Monarchs and Butterflies of Oklahoma, Kansas & Texas. These groups provide a platform for discussing many topics regarding butterflies and pollination.

St. Teresa Catholic Church
N 8th & Broadway
Okemah, OK