Mark Twainers for Monarchs!

At Mark Twain Elementary, we have 2 raised beds each measuring 5’x10′ ft. amounting to 100 sq ft. total. We have 40 plants (milkweed, Echinacea, verbena, salvia, native grasses, etc.) purchased from Prairie Winds Nursery and Sanctuary Gardens and Wellness. The zoo provided a grant for initial materials. The garden is easily viewed from both the street and playground.

RCDS Roots & Shoots Hwy 75

Wildflower/pollinator plot along Hwy 75 just north of 61st St. exit. Initially planted 1 acre plot in 2006 in cooperation with Oklahoma Native Plant Society Color Oklahoma grant. We have expanded the site to nearly 1.75 acres since that time.

Art of the Monarch

I began the Art of the Monarch as an after school residency with Hawthorne schools and created an Art Show from it that went on display for Tulsa Mayfest in 2014.

Since then I have continued this as an offering through AHHA and teach it in the schools. This semester I have 2 after school residencies and teach it in the spring to a lot of second grade classes. I’m currently putting together an art proposal/teaching project for Gathering Place in the spring. I teach the migration cycle, the life cycle, about the habitats they need to survive and what has effected the decline of their population. I often dress up and continue to evolve and change the class every year.

OKC Heartland Montessori School

We are being very intentional in creating a pollinator garden at school. We have plants in pots, in the ground, and are also using straw bales, with their quickly-composting interiors. The children have helped plant just about everything, and are learning about pollinators and their role in our world inside the classroom and outside. The kids spend lots of time outside have learned aremarkable amount about plant care!

I am a parent volunteer with a love for gardening. These are 3-6 year olds. In an effort to attract several species of butterflies besides just Monarchs, we’ve planted a variety of host and nectar plants. Including: Pipevine, bronze fennel, 2 types of parsley, 4 varieties of butterfly milkweed, Brazilian verbena, Pentas, dianthus, liatris, dill, white cats whiskers, pink false vervain, rue, Brazilian button, honeysuckle, cape plumbago, poppy mallow, and hearty blue passion flower. At the students’ request we also have planted other edible plants, including a peach tree, tomato plants, 3 varieties of watermelon, strawberries and fig trees, along with various complementary flowers like marigolds, snapdragons and celosia.

Madison Square Monarch Garden

Madison Elementary in Norman has been adopted by Lowe’s Home Improvement. In the last year, we have built a 2500 square foot garden which includes 4 large raised beds, 14 pollinator beds and a 10’ x 16’ greenhouse. We are in the process of building a 200 square-foot monarch waystation. The fourth and fifth grades have been responsible for figuring the amount of stone and dirt we will need to purchase, what plants and supplies we need, and what is required to become a certified way station. They are completely in charge of our budget and contacting businesses to check pricing.

Saving the Monarchs thru Education

Taking a live Monarch presentation (eggs, caterpillars and chrysalis) to an elementary school’s Nature class, along with brochures, bookmarks, coloring pages, etc. Allowing an up close and hands on learning experience of the Monarch Butterfly stages for the students. Teaching the need to, and the how to, of helping save the Monarchs.