Native Plants Nursery

We are a native plant nursery in OKC’s Metro Park neighborhood, half a mile west of downtown. We provide native plant species for native wildlife! Encouraging and educating the public to plant native and provide habitat for insects, birds and increase biodiversity.

Red Rock Nectar Stop

Located at a major intersection in Midwest City, we planted locally-sourced native wildflowers and honey vine milkweed in our front garden and on the side of our office. We also posted a pollinator habitat sign in the garden and message on our sign marquee.

Special Care/OKC Zoo Grant Monarch Habit

This garden is approximately 28*42 . We are planting seeds and flowers including several milkweed plants for Monarchs. The goal is to provide a habitat for Monarchs and to introduce the monarch and it’s life cycle to the children and to encourage them to be good stewards of the species. The garden was started in August of 2022 with a grant from the OKC Zoo with a goal of a self seeding garden within 3 years.


A second Waystation habitat in conjunction with our nearby efforts located at 1340 NW 1st.
These gardens encompass the entire front yard of our office building. Dedicated to maintaining and introducing multitudes of diverse, pollinator-boosting plants.

DD Kirkland/Cox Monarch Waystation

Cox is sponsoring a Monarch Waystation for DD Kirkland Elementary school. We have identified a space in the school that we can improve for multiple reasons; to create a habitat for butterflies, to beautify the school, and to provide an outdoor class room where kids can learn hands on about science. We teamed up with the school on the design and the children helped us plant the garden.