Art of the Monarch

I began the Art of the Monarch as an after school residency with Hawthorne schools and created an Art Show from it that went on display for Tulsa Mayfest in 2014.

Since then I have continued this as an offering through AHHA and teach it in the schools. This semester I have 2 after school residencies and teach it in the spring to a lot of second grade classes. I’m currently putting together an art proposal/teaching project for Gathering Place in the spring. I teach the migration cycle, the life cycle, about the habitats they need to survive and what has effected the decline of their population. I often dress up and continue to evolve and change the class every year.

Embroidery Thread Monarch Wing Earrings

I hand make butterfly earrings from embroidery thread which are hand tied, dyed, stiffened, cut, then painted with the classic monarch wing pattern, completing the 4-5 day process. Every purchase of butterfly earrings from gives directly back to the Monarch conservation efforts, and come with the option of including a packet of milkweed seeds.