Taron’s Bug You for a Minute

My 4-H project is Entomology. I have been speaking to groups of kids all year with my “Bug You for a Minute” talks about different insects but have been speaking to them most about the vulnerability of Monarchs, how to create a safe habitat and feeding ground for them, what they eat, how they migrate with Oklahoma in their path along with teaching groups of kids how to make a Wildflower seed bomb. I have been handing out bags of seeds to whoever will take them from me and asking them to plant. I provide them information about how to make the Monarch Pledge also. I won First place at the Oklahoma County 4-H Communication Contest and was asked to come to the Eastside Fresh Market this Fall, when it is time for Monarch migration to perform my speech again and to possibly provide the items to lead Fresh Market goers with making Wildflower Bombs to spread awareness and help the Monarch along. The date for this has not been set yet. I hope to possibly do something at the Oklahoma State Fair to raise awareness also. My speech is posted publicly on my mom’s Facebook page and is posted publicly. I have attached the link. Thank you for providing a way for me to practice leadership and citizenship.

Smiling Sky Farm Pasture of Milkweed

We manage our farm which grows tons of native milkweed & wildflowers in our 34 acres of mixed grass prairie pasture to time our hay harvests not cutting too early or too late to make sure the milkweed becomes available at the correct times of year, especially in the mid to late summer so there is a good amount for the returning trip. Never, ever spray anything ever at our farm. Also concentrate on wildflowers & our 3 rescue pot belly pigs maintain an acre of wildflowers which they root & cultivate every year resulting in an amazing area of wildflowers which are always heavily visited by monarchs especially in the fall. I would so love to share photos of their work & our farm.

2023 Native Plant Project

“In celebration of 50 years at Lions Park”
An effort to preserve our beautiful surroundings, the availability of our citizens to nature and outdoor activity, and conserve the natural habitats of plant life, insects, birds and animals. We’ve planted roughly 5,500 square feet of native trees, shrubs & perennials as well as a 2,000 square foot wildflower patch:

Main Street Community Garden

Main Street Community Garden began in 2017 as a place for Harrah citizens to grow food, but has blossomed into much more.
Phase I was a fenced, raised bed community garden for food production. Phase II added a wildflower patch, fruit trees and berries to the property. Phase III saw the dream of a working greenhouse realized. And Phase IV is the never ending effort to provide a beautiful setting of flowering shrubs and trees as well as pollinator attracting perennials.
This garden has something for everyone, and needs to be visited to truly appreciate its benefit to our community.
A partnership between the City of Harrah, the local non profit, Harrah Friends of the Park and a tireless volunteer gardening group.. this garden is a genuine example of community unity.

St. Patrick’s Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden is located on the south side of St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church. The garden has four raised beds, four surrounding beds, and two benches for enjoying the beauty of the garden. The project is a native pollinator garden to attract and support butterflies and bees. The garden is also used for teaching and education, reflection and relaxation, and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation.

Pollinator Sharing Library

Dig in deep to gardening with free books on gardening and wildlife, as well as free wildflower seeds! Located at the Central Park Community Garden in Oklahoma City. This library was made possible from support of the Oklahoma County Conservation District and local artist, Liz Mercer and volunteer, Katie Hawk.