Adopt a Monarch Butterfly

Are you a friend of monarchs? Adopt a monarch butterfly and show the world you care about conserving Oklahoma’s native pollinators for generations to come!

The monarch butterfly is an extremely beneficial butterfly that pollinates flowers and much-needed crops for our survival. Unfortunately, their populations have plummeted at an alarming rate.

Your adoption supports our work to conserve critical pollinator habitat throughout Oklahoma by teaming up with a broad range of groups including farmers, ranchers, tribes, residents, government agencies, businesses, gardeners, artists and municipalities.

As a special thank you when you symbolically adopt a Monarch butterfly, we will honor your gift in our Follow the Monarchs traveling art exhibit. Your name will be placed onto a colorful paper monarch butterfly and added as a permanent piece of the exhibit. This month, the exhibit is flying high at the Science Museum in Oklahoma City.

Help Save the Monarchs!

Adopt a Monarch Butterfly today by making a one-time donation of $25 or more to Okies for Monarchs by December 31, 2019.