Tips From the Experts

How to Avoid Complaints from Neighbors, HOA, and the city

When considering planting a pollinator garden at your home, church or school, it is important to be aware of municipal ordinances and also homeowner associations rules and regulations. You might be surprised to learn that planting a garden is the easy part and that getting everyone aware and understanding why you planted one can sometimes be a more difficult task.

Conquering the Challenges of School Gardens

One of the most effective ways to educate students on the importance of pollinators and pollinator habitat is via school gardens. However, these types of projects have two major challenges: 1) funding and 2) continued support & maintenance. Our Okies for Monarchs outreach/education team took these challenges on head first to devise solutions.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Friends of Pollinators

Whether you are looking for the perfect holiday “something” for a gardening family member, wracking you brain for the perfect hostess gift for that friend who always stops and looks at the butterflies, or are wanting to inspire wonder when taking a unique gift to a curious child, Okies for Monarchs has you covered! Check out this winter-wildlife-wants “wish list” guaranteed to bring holiday cheer! From seed bombs to pollinator puddlers – you can be the coolest elf this season.

Winterizing Your Pollinator Garden

Many parts of Oklahoma experienced the state’s first freezing temperatures during the second week of November. Hard freezes signal a time for gardeners to think about bedding down their pollinators plants for the winter and be ahead of the game for spring.

Whether wild or well-tended over winter, a garden can be a joy for you and a bonus to the biological wonders that reside there.

How You Can Help!

As a biologist whose focus is on Oklahoma’s rare and declining species, I am often asked “What can I do to help ‘Species A’?” Mind you, “Species A” in the conversation may be anything from an endangered bat to a freshwater mussel.

The excellent news is that anyone, even the average “city-dweller”, has the profound ability to both attract and foster pollinator insects in their own backyard with relative ease.