Leonardo’s Pollinator Butterfly Garden

This garden will be in the Monarch migration flyway and provide the special habitat this species needs. Milkweed is the only plant that the Monarch caterpillar eats and because of habitat loss the numbers of Monarch butterflies are in steep decline. Leonardo’s Children’s Museum’s mission is the enrich and inspire children of all ages by creating fun learning opportunities. This garden is to help Pollinators, Monarchs and also educate. It also is an opportunity for families to learn together.

Payne County Pollinators Garden at the Courthouse

This is a recently added butterfly/pollinator garden at the Payne County Courthouse, on the northeast corner of the lawn located in Stillwater. Chris Reding shared the photo with us at a Monarch Meet Up and also reports that his team has been working with County Commissioners across the state to spread pollinator protector species on roadsides in need of maintenance updates. They grade with pollinator beneficial plants while reforming ditches. Way to go Payne Co crew!

My happy place

My back yard is my habitat. I have 2 varieties of milkweed, but will be adding more. Coneflowers, core ops is, passion flower, bee balm, asters are among the flowers I have. My garden is new, we moved here 3 years ago and it was a blank canvas. I am working towards being a monarch way station.

Saving the Monarchs thru Education

Taking a live Monarch presentation (eggs, caterpillars and chrysalis) to an elementary school’s Nature class, along with brochures, bookmarks, coloring pages, etc. Allowing an up close and hands on learning experience of the Monarch Butterfly stages for the students. Teaching the need to, and the how to, of helping save the Monarchs.


Plants in my back garden — tuberosa, coneflowers, coreopsis, swamp weed, iron weed, silk weed, hairy balls, black-eyed susans, St. John’s wort, cypress vine

Master Gardener Teaching Garden

This area is designed, built, landscaped and maintained by volunteers of the Master Gardener Association of Rogers County- in partnership with OSU Cooperative Extension (Rogers County) and the Claremore Parks Department. The Teaching Garden is located in Will Rogers Park in Claremore and is open to the public on assigned days through the week. There are several themed gardens including a large pollinator garden with plant varieties that attract monarchs-as well as other butterfly, bee and pollinator type insects.