OKC Heartland Montessori School

We are being very intentional in creating a pollinator garden at school. We have plants in pots, in the ground, and are also using straw bales, with their quickly-composting interiors. The children have helped plant just about everything, and are learning about pollinators and their role in our world inside the classroom and outside. The kids spend lots of time outside have learned aremarkable amount about plant care!

I am a parent volunteer with a love for gardening. These are 3-6 year olds. In an effort to attract several species of butterflies besides just Monarchs, we’ve planted a variety of host and nectar plants. Including: Pipevine, bronze fennel, 2 types of parsley, 4 varieties of butterfly milkweed, Brazilian verbena, Pentas, dianthus, liatris, dill, white cats whiskers, pink false vervain, rue, Brazilian button, honeysuckle, cape plumbago, poppy mallow, and hearty blue passion flower. At the students’ request we also have planted other edible plants, including a peach tree, tomato plants, 3 varieties of watermelon, strawberries and fig trees, along with various complementary flowers like marigolds, snapdragons and celosia.


Heise Home for Monarchs

The ‘Heise Home for Monarchs’ butterfly garden was a birthday project, built over the course of one month by husband and wife, David and Sabrina Heise. Featuring over 50 square feet of milkweed, perennials and wildflowers – this habitat is a home for pollinators in the backyard of ours!


Raised-bed garden, soil is amended-sandy, approximately 70 square feet. Bed is made of stone with sitting ledge which provides sunning for monarchs. A tall wall acts as wind break. Garden is irrigated via a drip-line system with timer, allowing native plants slow watering as established (no wet-roots). Plants include perennials, Asclepius Tuberosa (native milkweed), Coreopsis (tickseeds), Bee Balm, Autumn Sage, Buddleia (butterfly bush), and Hollyhock. Included are, water station (mud container), small feeder, habitat-house (albeit prob just end up being pretty yard-art). As garden matures, more plants will be added if/as needed.

Buterfly Heaven

My husband and I just moved had to leave my huge beautiful garden behind. So with his help we removed sod from the front yard and planted exactly what Okie Monarch suggested in a flier I received at my March DAR Broken Arrow Chapter meeting. I planted 2-Butterfly Weed, 2-White and Rose Milkweed, Indian Blanket, 2-Beebalm, 2-Blazing Star, 2-Purple Silvas, 2-Angelonias, lots of Lantana’s in different colors, 2-Aromatic Aster and 2-Showy Goldenrods. I’m not done yet but it is a good start. Followed direction from the Ray Harrel Nature Centers-Chris Ohler where I saw my 1st tiny Monarch Caterpillar on Earth Day! That was SO exciting! I told all my neighbors what I was doing so it’s catching on!