Gustafson Family Garden

Medium sized (for now) butterfly garden in the front and back yard. great outdoor activity for the whole family. also great opportunity for the kids to learn the importance of pollinators. Starting small and will add plants and space every year.

Embroidery Thread Monarch Wing Earrings

I hand make butterfly earrings from embroidery thread which are hand tied, dyed, stiffened, cut, then painted with the classic monarch wing pattern, completing the 4-5 day process. Every purchase of butterfly earrings from gives directly back to the Monarch conservation efforts, and come with the option of including a packet of milkweed seeds.

Miss Bloomers Butterly Garden

Located behind our home on the greenbelt adjacent to Lake Hefner. Registered as a Monarch Waystation and planted with 3 varieties of lavender, salvias, larkspur, cosmos, butterfly bush, native grey headed coneflower, butterfly weed, several varities of milkweed, vitex, rose of sharon, cleome, lantana, and native grasses. The garden attracts many bees and pollinators and butterflies.

Riedlville Butterfly Garden

This backyard oasis, at the intersection of urban and rural living, is planted with several varieties of milkweed, other butterfly host plants, and multiple annuals and perennials to invite all pollinating passersby. For some of us, tranquility occurs when nature and man can co-exist for each other’s benefit. The initial efforts have made MY world more beautiful. The long term benefit, even if just in a tiny part, will make THE world healthier and more beautiful…and thereby, tranquil.

Midtown Monarch Fueling Station

A variety of pollinator plants including coneflower and coreopsis provide much needed nectar for monarchs as they make their way through downtown Oklahoma City. Two garden beds are located out front of The Nature Conservancy’s office where staff maintain the gardens including weeding and reseeding. Additionally, the gardens serve as an educational touch point for a variety of people who walk by on a daily basis to the Federal Building located across the street.

Midwest City Monarch Haven

My front yard garden happened thanks to mother nature… I did not plant the flowers shown in the pic, but rather the birds and wind did. They are volunteer transplants from my backyard pollinator garden. So, I rolled with it and now have two gardens. Additionally, I removed the traditional landscape bushes in front of my house (behind these flowers) and seeded it last fall. All kinds of milkweed and other wildflowers are growing there as well!