Pollinator Habitat

We are converting some of our native or low maintenance areas to pollinator habitats at Bailey Ranch Golf Course in Owasso Oklahoma. Our goal is to help increase the population of endangered wildlife to a more sustainable level.

38th Promenade Monarch Haven

Pollinator garden, with emphasis on hand rearing and tagging monarch butterflies in cages for protection against parasites and disease. Mix of native perennials and non-native annuals for nectar which includes native and non-native host milkweed plants (Asclepias incarnata, curassavica, speciosa, syriaca, viridis). Monarch Watch Registry ID#18201

Marvelous Monarch Monitoring Motel

The name is a description of the combination of Monarch Larvae Monitoring Project Site 2519 and Monarch Watch Waystation 15600 also known as Marvelous Monarch Motel. This project collects data and remits the data to both MLMP in MN and Monarch Watch in KS and besides that, furnishes sighting reports to Journey North.