Shelby Hunter Okie Native Garden

We have planted many Oklahoma-native plants here in our Cross Timbers-habitat neighborhood in east Edmond. Examples include Butterfly weed, Swamp milkweed, Indian Blanket, Little bluestem, Pale purple coneflower, Rattlesnake master, Giant coneflower and many others. These plants compliment the native Blackjack oaks on our property. We have consistently seen monarchs, especially in the fall, stopping through and have had caterpillars on our milkweed the past two years.

Crow Creek Meadow

The Crow Creek Meadow is the return of an urban developed site to a natural prairie. It changes a repetitive flood buyout block of properties from a closely mowed Bermuda grass area into a meadow that supports Storm water filtration and infiltration and native wildlife. Wildlife consists of birds, small mammals, insects, and pollinators. The site is a registered Monarch Waystation and includes its official signage.

Rainbow Gardens

The City of Perry have allowed the Community to use the space of Rainbow Park for a Community Garden. The vision for this garden is for multiple purposes. It will be the Outdoor Classroom for Perry Schools, it will host community raised beds for individuals and families, and another area will be specifically planted to donate to the local food bank and organizations like Food Bank. Pollinator gardens will be on the perimeter or the garden, which is 1.8 acres, and sprinkled between the food plots.


A second Waystation habitat in conjunction with our nearby efforts located at 1340 NW 1st.
These gardens encompass the entire front yard of our office building. Dedicated to maintaining and introducing multitudes of diverse, pollinator-boosting plants.

OKC Zoo Butterfly Garden

Established in 1996, the OKC Zoo Butterfly Garden is designed to teach about butterflies and their life cycles as well as about the importance of pollinators and native plants. Measuring 20,000 square feet, it is one of the largest educational gardens in Oklahoma. It is also a registered Monarch Waystation and has been used as a tagging site for Monarch Watch’s ciitzen science program for over 20 years.

SOM: Save Our Monarchs

I planted 3 varieties of butterfly bushes. About 6 plants. watered them regularly and watched to see if anything was happening. Found these caterpillars working mid October! Was very happy to see my efforts was helping some.
Plan to expand my little garden next year!